Exceptional Concierge Service

Kathy and Rykie sold our home of 31 years in March 2017. They provided exceptional concierge service. Our relationship started a year ago when we told them we wanted to get our home ready to sell in late winter, early spring of 2017. Kathy drew up a list of recommended improvements. She provided fantastic contractors and service folks who were enjoyable to have in our home. Rykie scheduled everyone for us and was in almost daily communication with us at times. They were always available to hold our hand as we got cold feet during this process and when we felt overwhelmed. We had never had such a rich, positive experience with realtors before Kathy and Rykie. We would absolutely call them again for their expertise in selling a home.


Highly Recommend

Kathy and Scott were extremely helpful in finding the right home for us and negotiating the purchase, including handling some rather tricky issues that arose. We very highly recommend them.


We Love Kathy and Her Crew!

Kathy, Scott, and Rykie were great. We highly recommend them to other buyer/sellers on a regular basis. We were very impressed with Kathy’s expertise and team 15 years ago when we purchased our first home. We experienced the same great process this time around. The whole team was very responsive and, more importantly, patient with our process, which was complicated by a hot market, some unorthodox sellers, inspection complications, and our long list of preferences. Kathy’s long standing guarantee was that we would not be merely settling for a house but moving into a home we loved, and indeed, we did just that. We love Kathy and her crew!


Best Real Estate Agents in Oregon

Kathy & Rykie were an absolute pleasure to work with! As a first time home buyer, my husband and I were completely naive to the home buying experience. Kathy and Rykie walked us through the process and coached us on a competitive bid. We would not have gotten this house without their expertise and 24/7 dedication to our home from beginning to end. One year later, I still feel comfortable reaching out to them for advice or recommendations for contractors and local professionals. These two ladies are truly a high end experience in the home buying process. BEST REAL ESTATE AGENTS IN OREGON so don’t hesitate – these ladies will make sure you land in your dream home.


Very Experienced and Knowledgeable

Kathy and Rykie got us in our first home. As first time home buyers they greatly helped us navigate the daunting process. The biggest thing that stood out was their responsiveness and overall ability to make things happen smoothly. They are also clearly very experienced and knowledgeable. I highly recommend them!