When I’m Not Working: I am usually hanging out and playing with my wife and two kids – a boy and a girl. We are extremely active and love to play just about anything outdoors. Experiencing the kids’ enthusiasm and zeal for sport has been one of my greatest joys. We ski, golf, bike, hike and spend time up at our old rustic cabin on the Hood Canal in Washington. Living in Portland allows us to do all these amazing things and we cherish that.

I’ve been selling real estate for over twelve years in all parts of Portland. After a few months in the business I met Kathy MacNaughton, as we ended up having some real estate transactions together. I really admired her work ethic, extensive knowledge and general ease in dealing with clients and people. She started as a mentor for me and became a friend and confidant. In 2005, I went to work with her for one of Portland’s largest and most successful condo developers, Onder Development Co. & Williams and Dame in selling the Strand Condos, a $150 million development. We were able to sell out this project during one of the largest market downturns in history.

The Strand experience inspired my interest in development. In late 2005, I helped established a development company of our own – Beck Davison Homes. We specialize in building energy efficient and sustainable homes in close-in NE, SE, and NW Portland neighborhoods. My wife, Teal Davison, is the interior designer for each of these homes. She places a strong emphasis on contemporary clean lines and features. Ethan Beck, our partner, is the general contractor and is focused on high quality, efficiency, conservation and sustainability. Between the three of us, we have the necessary skills to find, design and build your next new home!

For more information, please visit tealdavison.com