When you partner with The MacNaughton Group you are working with the best in the business. Our team will insure your property finds the right buyer at the right price in an attractive time frame.

From the moment you list with The MacNaughton Group, we’ll take ownership of the selling process—managing every detail of your sale from marketing your property, to coordinating open houses and providing continuous feedback on results. All of us at The MacNaughton Group will ensure that our clients and their properties get the attention to detail and follow-up that they deserve.

Accurately priced homes = unrivaled sales success.  Nothing speaks louder than results. For the last four years, we have generated over $40 million in sales per year, but we are more than just numbers. We offer solid relationships, superior customer service, and our unique marketing approach. We share your goal of achieving the maximum possible price, while selling quickly and efficiently. By presenting your home in the best possible light—from marketing to proper pricing, aggressive yet tightly connected to value — you will receive top dollar for your property.

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter advertising with pre-designed templates.   The MacNaughton Group at Realty Trust truly shines when it comes to advertising and marketing your home. We team with a full-service design firm who specializes in real estate, to create a custom and targeted marketing program to extend the feeling and unique features of your home to the audience that is most likely to appreciate it. We offer a completely custom and comprehensive multi-media campaign complete with the perfect mix of online exposure and print marketing geared toward presenting your home to potential buyers and their brokers. Your fully dedicated custom website is feature-rich and will highlight all your homes details thru photography and panoramic virtual tours, a location map and neighborhood guide. Each program also includes customized e-mail blasts announcing broker tours, flyers, and/or direct mail that will gain maximum exposure for your property. We’ll even give a consultation on how to stage your home that will enhance appeal and result in a higher sales price for you.

Superior web exposure.   With almost 85% of buyers using the Internet to search for a home, an effective real estate website is essential. In addition to it’s own customized website on macgrouplistings.net, your property will be featured on macgroup.net and realtytrust.com with detailed data, photo gallery, virtual tour, and location map. Moreover, every MacNaughton Group listing is accessible on numerous home search sites including RMLS, Zillow, and realtor.com. All of this means a compelling and comphensive web-base that’s simple to find and maintained for accuracy.

Progress reports.   Your broker and listing coordinator will keep in constant contact regarding all developments concerning the sale of your home. Every other day your property coordinator will read the lock box, contact each agent that has shown your home and provide feedback so any needed adjustments can be made in a timely manner in order to optimize price and minimize the length of time the property remains for sale.

We invite you to accept a free opinion of value.   Most of our ideas can’t be outlined on a brochure or website, so let’s sit down and discuss your home, and come up with a sure-fire plan to sell your home effectively. You can reach us by phone, email or via our talk to us page.

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